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Team Building Programs

Mega Adventure Team Building Adelaide

Most people associate team building with the workplace. While this is true, any kind of group that wants to work and communicate better can try team building. Families, school groups, volunteer groups and many more are all welcome to try their hand at our fun outdoor team challenge.


That’s why Mega Adventure is the ultimate destination for team building in Adelaide. Our range of programs for team bonding and team building in Adelaide present a series of unique, multi-sensory experiences and activities. We challenge teams to explore their limits and work together to achieve common goals. To discuss your next day of team building in Adelaide, send us an email or give us a call on 08 8355 1480.

The importance of team building for Adelaide teams

“There are many reasons to consider it a priority to focus on team building. First, your team can socialise and get to know each other better. Socialising is a crucial element for all teams in any environment and will make each member feel more comfortable, more relaxed and happier. A team that can get to know each other while learning how to work with each other is going to be a much more successful team which can only lead to further success down the line. Whether you need team building in Adelaide for a workplace or a sports’ team, your desired goals are going to be much easier to achieve with a team that understands how others work and have their eye on the same prize.”


Duration: 2.5-3.5 hours

The group will begin by completing icebreaking games and problem-solving activities before taking it up to SkyMate for team bonding – Mega style!

Teams will have to work together and develop strategies to understand the clues given, using the strengths and attributes of individual team members. The first team to collect all the clues has to take the Leap of Faith before completing a puzzle on the ground.

Organising Your Team Event


  • Want something a little different? Our existing programs are fully customisable to suit the needs of your team. There are a range of activities on our SkyMate which can provide tangible learning outcomes for your team. We’ll work with our partners to bring you half day or full day indoor or outdoor programs.

  • Inclusive

  • Our programs are designed to ensure people of all ages and abilities can take part. Whether that’s on our aerial attractions or ground-based activities we will deliver a program that includes everyone. We want everyone who has an adventure with us to discover more about themselves and the world of excitement and possibilities that surrounds them.

  • Objective Based

  • We’ll help you ensure the program that you choose is focused on your objectives. Our friendly and experienced facilitators will help you to develop your team’s cohesion, productivity and communication – and make sure that you have fun! Our objective is simply to give people the opportunity to challenge themselves through adventure.

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