I couldn’t contain my excitement as I sat on the helicopter, ready to embark on an adventure. I was about to start my Zimbabwe safari – with a helicopter flight over Victoria Falls and a game drive through the renowned Hwange National Park. The rotors began to whirr, and we were lifted slowly into the blue African skies.

The sheer beauty and power of the Vic Falls were beyond description. The cascading water created a fine mist, which gave the atmosphere a magical feel. I leaned closer to the windows, eagerly absorbing the views of the different sections. The Main Falls, or “The Smoke that Thunders,” dominated the landscape, while the Devil’s Cataract (also known as the Eastern Cataract) and Horseshoe Falls added to its grandeur. It was so breathtaking that I felt transported to a different world.

The Zambezi River can be seen above, carving into the deep gorge. Rainbows danced through the air adding vibrant colors to an already surreal experience. The pilot expertly maneuvered the helicopter as we circled, providing breathtaking views of the falls from different angles. This was an incredibly moving sight.

It was then time to leave Victoria Falls. With a strong sense of adventure, I was eager to explore the wonderful and wild treasures of Hwange National Park. The road wound its way in a southerly direction through the picturesque countryside. The scene was straight out of an African nature documentary.

I was led to Nantwich Lodge in the northwest corner of Hwange. From there, we would explore this wildlife paradise on a game drive. As I climbed aboard the safari vehicle with an experienced local guide in the driver’s chair, I knew something special would occur. I was right.

Hwange was awash with various species, both large and small, feathered and haired. Elephants roamed gracefully across the park’s plains while giraffes nibbled elegantly on the trees. Zebras were scattered throughout the landscape. The sky was alive, with many different bird species.

The highlight of the trip was a close encounter with pride lions. As we approached the majestic creatures, their golden eyes locked onto ours. They were awe-inspiring in their power and magnificent demeanor.

The guide’s knowledge of the park was terrific. He told us fascinating stories about the animals, their behaviors, and their role in maintaining the delicate ecosystem.

This incredible day of discovery and exploration, excitement and awe, ended all too quickly. The time had come to return to Victoria Falls from Hwange National Park. As I drove back to Victoria Falls, I could not help but think about my life-changing experiences.

Victoria Falls was breathtaking from above. I was in awe at the power and beauty of nature. Hwange National Park allowed me to experience Africa’s wildlife up close. I was reminded of our planet’s wonders and our responsibility to conserve and protect these natural treasures.

Nantwich Lodge is a stunning game lodge located in Hwange, Zimbabwe. Be prepared to be mesmerized by the captivating wildlife spectacle. It will make it a place you want to return to again and again. You are invited to engage with the ecosystem during your Zimbabwe safari experience actively.

Our experienced guides, led by Courage, offer a variety of thrilling activities, such as bush walks and guided game drives. The immersive nature of these experiences will allow you to form a deep connection with the natural environment. You will see the fascinating fauna and the incredible diversity of plants that have earned this region a well-deserved reputation as “plant heaven,” according to the famous “African Plant Hunter,” Gus le Breton.

You’ll be able to observe wildlife right from your chalet. Nantwich Lodge is distinguished as one of the best safari lodges in Hwange by the main lodge’s open lounge and dining areas. You are more than a tourist here. Instead, you’re a budding conservationist and passionate African wildlife enthusiast. Immerse yourself into this unique environment, where appreciating nature’s wonders is intertwined with the spirit to preserve.

Nantwich Lodge offers an adventure that is unlike any other. It seamlessly blends breathtaking landscapes with thrilling wildlife encounters and conservation. Discover the magic of Hwange, where the rhythms of the wild become the soundtrack of your journey.

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