A skilled auto repair shop can restore your car’s original appearance, whether you have a small scratch or a large dent. It’s hard to choose the right for your car and you.

Professionalism and cost of top-quality car repair service in Auckland vary greatly. Not all local operators deliver satisfactory results. This post will provide you with six tips that you can use to choose the best provider.

Consider Specialisations

You should look for a company that specializes in your vehicle’s make and model (or who has a lot of experience working with it). Vintage cars have special requirements that can only be met by a professional repair specialist. It’s important to check if your chosen provider can handle the work. High-value cars have unique repair and touch-up requirements.

If you drive a car of lower to moderate value, specialisation is not as important. You should still consider their reputation and experience.

Find Someone with Experience

It’s always worth hiring an automotive repair service that has experience. A veteran specialist may charge more per hour, but they will get better results and in less time. They may even be cheaper over the long term.

Find out how long a potential provider has been in business by checking the “About Us”. You want someone who has been in business for many years, not a newbie. Look for companies with experience in the area if you require specialist services such as┬ápaint match service.

Check out their Reputation

Sorting out the wheat from chaff is tricky. There are a lot of panel beaters and repair specialists in Auckland, but they don’t all provide reasonable results. In fact, some fly-by-night operators charge customers an exorbitant amount for substandard–or even unnecessary repairs.

First, ask your family, friends and coworkers to recommend a product. Then, go to Google or Facebook and read reviews. A business will always receive some negative feedback, but a reputable service provider will score highly. Aim for companies that have an average rating of four stars or higher. Check that the repair specialist you choose is certified with all relevant automotive licenses.

Demand a detailed quote

A reputable auto repair specialist will give you a detailed quote outlining all of the work required and a realistic estimate. Remember that a repair shop cannot provide this information before they have done an in-depth assessment of the damage.

It is important to read the fine print of the contract and ask any questions that may arise. A reputable repair specialist will gladly explain all aspects of their quote. You should look elsewhere if you think the quote is lacking in details or that the repair company seems evasive.

You should look for a guarantee

A guarantee shows that an auto repair shop stands behind the quality of its work. Call the company if you cannot find the information on the website. Paint and bodywork don’t have moving parts that can wear out, so the best companies are able to offer a lifetime warranty.

If a possible option offers a limited guarantee (i.e. one or two years), look elsewhere. Because they lack the high-tech equipment, independent auto repair companies (including mobile ones) are unable to match established brick-and mortar businesses’ warranties.

Find a replacement vehicle

Auto repair can be a lengthy process, and top providers are usually booked for several weeks. You may have to wait a long time before you can drive again.

Have you got a second vehicle that you can use for commuting and essential household tasks? You’ll need to find a replacement car if you don’t have one. You can rent a vehicle in the meantime, but it is an extra expense and a hassle. You can save money and reduce stress by choosing a vehicle specialist that offers a free replacement vehicle.

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